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We are a married couple with one handsome boy we are currently leave in the Villa Park, IL. area. Nassoro he is an Information Techonlogy Specialist he decided to relocate to USA from Tanzania in 2011 and join his wife Amanda who she is from Chicago. Nassoro and Amanda used to leave together in Dar es salaam Tanzania for at least some times before they decided to move to USA.

We created this website so that we can pass on our knowledge and experience of the Tanzania culture and to help to provide good information about tourism in Tanzania as Nassoro he is Tanzanian who leave in USA.

We hope you learn something from your visit to our website.

Did you know that one quarter of Tanzania’s land mass has been set aside for conservation purposes? It is incredible to think that protected within the borders of this vast mosaic of protected areas are an estimated 20 percent of Africa’s large mammals. The most famous of Tanzania’s National Parks is the Serengeti National Park, closely followed by the remarkable Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, but these form just the tip of the iceberg of Tanzania’s wonderful National Parks. Further south, following the path less travelled, a wonderfully wild safari experience awaits you in Ruaha, while in neighbouring Selous you can indulge in boat-based wildlife viewing, a real treat!  In the west, Gombe and Mahale are tops for Chimpanzee trekking in the rainforest, while adventurous climbers and trekkers gravitate to Mount Kilimanjaro to experience the roof of Africa.

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If you have any questions about the site or if you would like to ask us something about Tanzania that was not mentioned, feel free to contact us via the contact page.